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Breautiful 40 Year-old-womanYou are an amazing woman. You’ve managed to do everything that was expected of you — college degree, marriage, family, and/or a career. It has been a challenge, but you did it.

Now what?

You are nearing or have crossed the midpoint of life — the dreaded 40th birthday.

You are exhausted most of the time, work is not as exciting or challenging as it used to be, and someone is always wanting something from you. You have much to do and not enough time or energy to do it.

The daily demands and continual stress are taking a toll on your mind and body. You would love some appreciation and acknowledgment — and an occasional break from it all.

I understand exactly what you are going through. Chances are that anything you are experiencing, I have also experienced in some form during my very long life.

When my four children were young, I taught school, which was followed by an entrepreneurial venture as a commercial interior designer in Silicon Valley. I faced the daily challenge of running a business and being a working mom who cared deeply about her children.

At 42, I divorced my husband and became a single mom. To support my family, I went back to school, earned an MBA, and became a corporate consultant in leadership development.

Through it all — especially after the divorce, I was continually searching for answers and looking for someone to mentor me through the challenges of having a career while being a single mom, and also getting older — not the ideal scenario for an American woman.

There were lots of tears, but also an abundance of laughter and moments of triumph.

I created this blog to share my thoughts, loving advice, and lessons learned from my experiences with women like you who are living (and sometimes struggling) through the middle years of life.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I have some answers and a lot of experience. My hope is that by sharing what I have learned, I can be helpful.

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I’d love to be part of your journey through the ups and downs. Let’s do this together.

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